In recent years, hydrogen has been increasingly used as a clean energy source. Accordingly, the manufacturing and safety detection of hydrogen storage and transportation equipment is also becoming more and more important. To evaluate the hydrogen compatibility and suitability of 4130X seamless steel tube, CT and WOL specimen are used to evaluate its resistance of the hydrogen induced cracking by referring ISO 11114-4: 2005. The specimens were placed at 90 °C in 90 MPa high-pressure hydrogen environment for 1000 h after loading. The CT test results show that the 4130X materials have a good resistance to hydrogen-induced cracking under the standard required loading condition. The WOL test show that no crack occurs when the stress intensity factor KI of 4130X-A, 4130X-B is about 100–120 MPa•m1/2. The 4130X-C material exhibit the hydrogen-induced crack in the high-pressure hydrogen environment, the critical stress intensity factor KIH is about 87.81 MPa•m1/2. The study proves that the 4130X seamless steel tube has a good resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.

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