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Climate Change Virtual Issue

ASME provides resources to help engineering researchers meet the challenges of the climate crisis

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part B: Mechanical Engineering

Climate Change Considerations for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Aging Highway Bridges

Developing Climate Resilience Technologies for Infrastructure: Perspectives on Some Strategic Needs in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Select Articles

Resilient Technologies Battling Climate Change

Climate of Optimism

Proceedings Papers

Probabilistic Modeling of Climate Change Impacts on Renewable Energy and Storage Requirements For NM’s Energy Transition Act

Climate Change and Global Warming - The Forgotten Factors

Production Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty About Air Toxics Regulation and Global Climate Change Policy

The Impacts of Climate Change on the Windows of Offshore Operations

Projection and Detection Procedures for Long-Term Wave Climate Change Impact on Fatigue Damage of Offshore Floating Structures

Assessing Climate Change in the North Atlantic Wave Regimes

Impact of Climate Change on EDF’s Nuclear Facilities: Climate Watch Approach

The Role of Higher Education Institutions Regarding Climate Change: The Case of Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral and its Carbon Footprint in Ecuador

Including the Impact of Climate Change in Offshore and Onshore Metocean Design Criteria to Ensure Asset Robustness

The Impact of Climate Change on the Long-Term Response of Offshore Structures: A Study Case

Improved Climate Change Adaptation in Port of Brisbane Using a Digital Twin Cloud-Based Modelling Approach

The Impact of Climate Change on Offshore Operations and Design Considerations for Offshore Vessels and Installations

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