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Just Accepted Manuscript

Technical Briefs May 31, 2023
Prediction of static characteristics of hydrodynamic air foil bearing considering contact and friction between foils
Research Papers May 18, 2023
Contacting Micro Asperity of a Deformable Surface
Technical Briefs May 15, 2023
Synergistic Effect of FSP and TiB2 on Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of AA2024 Surface Composites
Research Papers April 20, 2023
Dimensional discussion of traction force vector on ball/raceway interface and study of bearing dynamic behavior
Research Papers April 11, 2023
Dry sliding wear performances of AA5052 hybrid composite brake disc materials reinforced with in-situ synthesized TiC and multi-walled CNT
Research-Article November 20, 2017
Effect of milling time on sliding friction and wear behavior of hot isostatically pressed titanium alloys Ti-6Al-4X(X=V, Nb Fe) for biomedical applications
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